Creating Resilient City through Sustainable Transportation.

Supporting Variable

Financial analysis of sustainable transportation system

Using sustainable transportation system for social walfare

Transportation system to provide human mobility in demographic dividend era

Environment approach in transportation designing

Local wisdom


Railway-based transportation technology

Roadway innovation to realize Resilient City

Designing low disaster impact on Transportation Infrastructure

Transportation System

Utilizing resilient multi-moda transportation on urban areas

Transportation system planning to support Resilient City

ICT usage on transportation system

Designing high-mobility transportation system


1st Place

IDR 10.000.000
USD 750 (7/9/2017)

2nd Place

IDR 7.000.000
USD 525 (7/9/2017)

3rd Place

IDR 5.000.000
USD 375 (7/9/2017)


Q : is there any registration fee?
A : Yes. You have to pay IDR 150.000 after submitting registration form.

Q : What are the benefits for me if i join this competition?
A : First, your paper will be published in the CSID Journal of Infrastucture Development. Then, you will get a chance to win total prize of IDR 22.000.000 (USD 1.650). Also, you will proudly present your paper in our International Academic Conference and join our Workshop about Resilient City.

Q : What are the benefits for me if i become the Top 5 Finalist?
A : You will be invited to Jakarta to participate in our International Academic Conference, Gala Dinner, Company Visit, and Conference. And that’s all for free.


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